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Slab Repair

What is a Slab Repair?

A concrete slab may require repair when cracking, upheavals, shifting, or settling occurs. A damaged slab foundation can cause an array of complications for the home including cracked walls, uneven floors, shifting, electrical, and plumbing issues.

What are the benefits of a Slab Repair?

• Prevents depreciation of the homes value

• Risk of structural issues decrease

• Increased safety and protection from seismic events

• Increases longevity of the home

Why choose us for a Slab Repair?

1. Over 2,500 Slabs Repaired

We are nothing short of experience, our team have completed over 2,500 Slab Repair jobs and have many more to come!

2. 35+ Years of Experience

For over the course 35 years, the team at Sunshine Foundation Repairs have repairing slabs at the highest level of quality!

3. Over 500 five star reviews

Our past customers couldn't be happier with our services, as shown with our 500+ five star reviews throughout multiple platforms such as Google, Yelp, Home Advisor, Angie, Houzz, BuildZoom, and Porch. Check us out below!

4. Financing Available

We at Sunshine Foundation Repairs understand that not everyone has the complete funds for a slab repair. So we build and offer the financing plan that is perfect for you!

Previous Slab Repair Projects

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PHOTO-2022-06-12-14-02-55 2
PHOTO-2022-06-12-14-02-42 4
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PHOTO-2022-06-12-14-02-55 3_auto_x2_colored_toned_light_ai

What Customers Are Saying

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