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Our Projects

Over the course of 30 years and 5,000 jobs completed, we have become the true demo masters. Scroll down to view some of our example projects.


Foundation Replacement

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In early 2021, a house in the hills of Hollywood had a new problem. The walls kept cracking and the rooms were out of alignment. The owners couldn't find any problems with the house and decided to hire an inspection team to diagnose the problem. The inspection team told the owners that the foundation was severely damaged and if not fixed, will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. The owners then found us after a quick google search and we arrived at the scene right away. We saw that the foundation was damaged beyond repair and advised to get an entire new foundation. They agreed and we started working on the job. After a couple of weeks, the house had a new foundation and has never caused any problems since.


Helical Pier Installation

In October of 2022, we got a call from a married couple in Los Angeles, California. They told us they wanted to fix their foundation to their entire house completely since it was causing damages within the walls and roof. We sent someone immediately to view the site to give them a quote, and the job was now ours. Over the 4 day period we dug out and installed 6 helical piers to the foundation of the house. The couple hasn't had a single foundational problem since.



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Slab Repair

About a month ago, we did a slab repair in a house on Malibu beach. The family called us in because they needed an urgent slab repair on their driveway concrete. They told us that they had called multiple companies but nearly none of them answered, and the ones that didn’t have any time to check the problem out. Until they finally found us, we arrived at their house the same day to check the problem out and give them an estimate. We saw that the concrete had a lot of cracks but could be fixed in no time, so we got to work and finished the job in about 2-3 days. Our client was beyond 

satisfied with our job. 


Structural Support

A very good client of ours requested our services once again early this year after they started the 

construction of their new apartment building. This is the third project we help him with. We provide structural support and bring in all the machinery and the main foundation of the building. This building was five stories and therefore needed a lot of structural support from the button for it to have the necessary stiffness to be able to resist all types of forces and weight.  Our client was once again pleased with our job and assured us that he will give us a call on his next project.

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Earthquake Retrofit

About two years ago a lot of consecutive earthquakes were happening in the area. A couple of apartment building owners and homeowners contacted us to retrofit their buildings and homes. This is done to prevent any displacement from the structure’s foundation concrete during an earthquake.  We sent members of our teams to all the locations so they can get the job done quickly. All of our clients were satisfied with our work and claimed to feel safer now.


Home Leveling

A client contacted us because they were constructing their dream home in Los Angeles, California. Their home was being constructed on a hill, therefore they needed major home leveling. They had tried contacting various contractors but they were all busy or said that they didn’t do that type of job. After trying various other companies they finally found us. We arrived at the site in no time to check the project out, give the client an estimate, and walk them through the whole procedure. After explaining what was going to get done, they accepted and we got to work right away. It was a rigorous job but we got everything done perfectly without any inconveniences. The client was beyond satisfied with our work. It was already been more than a year since their construction was finished and they haven’t had any problems.  



Brace & Bolting

A few weeks ago a client contacted us to get some braces and bolting done in their newly bought home. They wanted their home to be as safe as possible. The brace and bolting allowed the homeowner to lessen the potential of any damage to their home during an earthquake. We arrived at the location and explained to them in great detail what needed to get done, how it was going to work, prices, and benefits. After they agreed on the project,  our team got to work right away. We got done with the work in no time, the client was happy with our work. 


Helical Piers

A concerned homeowner contacted us about a week ago to check their home out after they noticed that their walls started to crack. We got to the location right away to inspect the problem and we concluded that some of the helical piers needed to be replaced. Our team explained to the homeowner what the problem was and what needed to get done. After our team got the job done they took the time to also do a quick fix on the client’s cracked walls with some fillings. The client hasn’t had any problems ever since and was happy with our work. 

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Slab Replacement

Not long ago, a homeowner in Orange county had some problems with their home. They contacted us after they noticed that they had some cracks in their walls and ceilings. They were concerned and needed someone to check the problem as soon as possible. Thankfully we were able to have some of 

our team members inspect the place that same day. Our team explained to the owners that a slab replacement needed to get done. They walked them step by step and explained the prices. After explaining they accepted so we got to work right away to get the problem out of the way. In the end, the homeowners were happy with the results and haven’t had any problems ever since. 


Foundation Replacement

About a year ago a client contacted us to help their foundation replacement on their new home being constructed. Our team arrived at the location, explained to us what he wanted, and walked him through the whole process of what needed to be done. We gave him a reasonable estimate. We came back in about a week with all the materials and machinery ready to start working. The project didn’t take us as long as expected so we got done sooner than expected. Our client was really happy with the results.

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And More!

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