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What is a Re-Deck?

The decking or sheathing of your home is the foundation upon which your roofing system is built. Most homes are decked with plywood or OSB to serve as a foundation for your roofing materials. This decking, like anything else on your roof, can degrade with time and require re-decking, which is a technique that involves replacing the decking. 

A roof re-deck might be necessary if the roofing system is too damaged to simply put new or overlaying shingles on top of it. In order to know if you need a re-deck, speak with one of our roofing specialists at (888) 527-1930

What are the benefits of a Re-Deck?

• Prevents depreciation of the homes value

• Increases safety in roofing

• Minimizes risk of leaks and water damage

• Increases longevity of the home

Why choose us for a Re-Deck?

1. Over 800 Re-Deck Jobs Completed

We are nothing short of experience, our team have completed over 800 Re-Deck jobs and have many more to come!

2. 30+ Years of Experience

For over the course 30 years, the team at Sunshine Builders have been Re-Decking roofs at the highest level of quality!

3. Over 200 five star reviews

Our past customers couldn't be happier with our services, as shown with our 200+ five star reviews throughout multiple platforms such as Google, Yelp, Home Advisor, Angie, Houzz, BuildZoom, and Porch. Check us out below!

4. Financing Available

We at Sunshine Builders understand that not everyone has the complete funds for a Re-Deck So we build and offer the financing plan that is perfect for you!

Previous Re-Decking Projects

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What Customers Are Saying

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